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Florida Motorcoach Association
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Motorcoach Assosiation

About the Florida Motorcoach Association

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Florida Motorcoach Association is to unite and educate the motorcoach industry, to facilitate the enactment of sound laws, rules, and regulations affecting the motorcoach industry, and to create goodwill between the industry and the traveling public.

Values Statement:

Help facilitate on-time, affordable, safe, reliable transportation service Help create a healthy environment for motorcoach operators Educate members of the industry and general public Operate with total integrity and honesty Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the legislature based on integrity and trust.


We have a host of exciting new membership opportunities and enhanced member benefits for all new and returning FMA Members.



FMA membership brings you closer to building good business relationships with some of the industry’s most experienced motorcoach travel and tourism people.

FMA offers opportunities for developing strong business relationships through networking at FMA events and communications through the magazine and website.

Professional Ethics
Every member must sign the FMA Code of Ethics, which says that FMA members aspire to highest professional standards in the industry treating customers and other members with honesty, integrity, and accuracy; that they will conduct business in such a manner as to promote the industry; and that they will maintain current status for all license, permits, and operating authority required by federal, state, and local government agencies applicable to the industry. Members have the right to display the FMA logo on company business forms, communications, and advertisements.

Other State Associations
FMA maintains a relationship with other state motorcoach associations and tourism entities through meetings and regular communications to stay up-to-date on issues affecting members.

Creating unity for common goals
FMA’s Board of Directors and staff believe there is strength in numbers. A task one member may find difficult to address alone, all members working together through the Association may accomplish. Whether the issue is local, state or federal in nature, there is strength in one voice speaking for many.

Promoting cooperation among operators and associates
FMA promotes the idea of members working with members, which is one of the greatest benefits of association membership. The industry is all about relationships and FMA provides several forums for networking to build relationships, which promotes cooperation among its members.

Advocating legislation that positively impacts the motorcoach industry
FMA’s Board of Directors promote legislation to enhance the motorcoach industry in Florida. FMA also invites key personnel from American Bus Association and United Motorcoach Association to annual meetings and operator meetings to keep members abreast of national legislation that affects the motorcoach industry. FMA routinely communicates information throughout the year to its members to keep them informed of legislative action needed, such as writing letters to state legislators or Congressmen to support or oppose legislation that impacts the motorcoach industry.