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Motorcoach Council
FMA is a Founding Partner of the Motorcoach Council, North America’s industry-wide initiative to promote public awareness about the availability, selection, usage and benefits of motorcoach transportation.


Florida Motorcoach Assosiation

About the Florida Motorcoach Association

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Florida Motorcoach Association is to unite and educate the motorcoach industry, to facilitate the enactment of sound laws, rules, and regulations affecting the motorcoach industry, and to create goodwill between the industry and the traveling public.

Values Statement:

Help facilitate on-time, affordable, safe, reliable transportation service Help create a healthy environment for motorcoach operators Educate members of the industry and general public Operate with total integrity and honesty Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the legislature based on integrity and trust.


  1. Continue to promote the value of membership in the FMA.
  2. Continue work on reducing the cost of insurance programs.
  3. Streamline the permitting process for access to airports and seaports.
  4. Increase the public’s awareness of the motorcoach industry.
  5. Establish stronger relations and interactions with the hospitality industry.
  6. Our Ultimate Goal is for members to think of the Florida Motorcoach Association as an extension of their business and stop before acting and ask, “What would the Florida Motorcoach Association do?” and think about it.